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Monkees Bloopers and Things To Look For
Not A Specific Episode


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*The videos for the songs usually never go with episode (ex. the clothes or instruments they are playing)
*Peter, Mike and Davy all get seasick in the course of the series: Peter in the episode Find The Monkees, Mike in the episode Hitting The High Seas and Davy in the episode The Devil And Peter Tork
*The Monkeewalk was inspired by the walk seen in many Marx brothers films
*People are often seen smoking cigars that aren't lit
*Micky shirt is bavkwards in Daydream Believer video
*A lot of times people just *magically* know the other persons name
*Also, people often dial the phone without looking at the numbers
*The guys share clothes very often
*Peter has a temporary tattoo in a few of the music videos
*Where in the *world* did Peter's mole come from
*In some of the eppies they use the Bewitched sound when Samantha twitched her nose (Thanks to Susan Andriano!)

Popular Quotes In The Episodes

"Don't do that."
"He/She/It's gone!"
"You must be joking!"
"I am standing up..."
"Isn't that dumb?"
"Sock it to me"