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Monkees Bloopers and Things To Look For

The greatest and most psychedelic movie ever made.
Nobody Ever Lends Money To A Man With A Sense Of Humor!


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*At the very beginning of the scene during Can You Dig It, Micky gets accidentally hit in the face by a dancer. he holds his hand up to wear he got hit for a few and looks to see if hes bleeding.
*Mike throws a fish at an Indian and kills him
*The scene when the guys struggle to get through the door of the resturaunt because of all the people leaving because of them arriving.... about two seconds after Mike says "drinks on the house" Micky starts to walk and sorta stumbles and almost trips over his sword
*The cop's dream never seems to end
*After Micky walks through the set background, his cowboy hat falls off. When they are talking to the weird guy, the hat is back.
*Peter is whistling "Strawberry Fields Forever" when he enters the bathroom
*After Mike and Micky run out of the Old West scene, the blood on Mike's shirt disappears.

*The vest, the big telephone, and the throne at Mike's birthday party are all props from the series

*At Mike's birthday party, you can see the lights and camera crew in the mirrors.
*They should be celebrating Davy's birthday since his birthday is the same day as Mike's

*The tally marks on the wall in the jail says that they were in there for 22 days.

*Micky isn't tied down properly in the silent, black-and-white scene. He sits up, and waves his arms around. and Davy is dressed in drag.

*That eye in the mirror is bloodshot. And you can see the stcik pushing the bottle out

*Peter gets a pie in the face in the restaurant, but comes out clean.
*Annette Funicello plays "Terresa, but she is listed in the credits under the name "Minnie"

Look for this too

Some of the credits at the end of HEAD are backwards, the last one spells out "FRODIS (from Pyscho Jello)

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