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Monkees Bloopers and Things To Look For
Second Season

Jump up and down three times, roll a head of cabbage, and giggle


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It's A Nice Place To Visit~

*After the knife is thrown at the table and the guys hurry up to get out of the little restaurant and Micky knocks over the chairs he says "Oh! Son of a bitch!"

*The whole "What am I doing hangin round?" song Micky has his fro and Mike is not wearing his hat Davy has red and greenish maracas and Peter is playng banjo, when they are done playing the guys have on darker blue shirts Mike is wearing his green hat and Micky's hair is combed back and Peter has his bass and Davy has blue maracas

*When Davy is saying goodbye to Angelita you can see the guy next to him has Davy's blue maracas

*When the bandits are celebrating Mike, Peter, and Micky joining their bandit team thing, at the toast Peter, Micky, and Mike throw and empty their drinks behind them then the second toast the three guys hit the cups together, and wine comes out.

*When Mike and Micky find Peter and Davy...Micky pulls out his guns are has them in the air then the camera goes to Peter to chow him accidentally choking Davy then the camera goes back to Micky and the guns are gone

*When Micky says "I hate killin" spit flies out of his mouth

*In a part of the romp scene Davy is holding a record. I'm not sure what record though. possibly Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? Lemme know if you can tell!

*Once again Davy has to pretend he can't ride a horse

*the bell rings only 11 times when its suppose to be high noon 


The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)~

*When being questioned the police put the light on the guys, Mike puts on sunglasses. When they throw the book at him they're gone, but when he opens the book they're back on.

*During the police interrogation, Micky, Michael and David run through an impromptu rendition of Zilch


Everywhere A Sheik Sheik~

*feathers fall off Mike's hat

*Everyone pronounces Vidaru's name differently

*During the Love Is Only Sleeping when Micky gets up from making out with the chick if you look REALLY close you can see he gives the middle finger (got this from Psycho Jello mailing list, THANKS!)

*Why is Peter getting rid of those bananas so suspiciously?

*Why is Collette seen at the banquet kissing Davy during the "Love Is Only Sleeping" romp when she is forbidden to attend the banquet by Nahudi law (Not sure where I got this.... lemme know if it's from you!!)

*In the Cuddly Toy video Davy has hat hair, and the girl dancer underwear shows a few times

*I figured I'd just put this out there....I got a very bad grade on a test thanks to this episode. We were learning the names of members of the Cabinet. The whole time I could only think of The Monkees when they were Director of Forests and etc.


Monkee Mayor~

*Mike isn't wearing his hat but then all of the sudden when the blast is heard Mike's hat magically appears

*The guys sure get changed a lot in this eppy

*Peter says to the airplane uh guy "On second thought get me Rickenbacker his penminship is better." Rickenbacker is a brand of guitars

*Mike's watch gets stolen early in the episode but then later he's seen wearing it

*When Mike's getting ready to go on air it shows David Pearl (i'm pretty sure thats who it is) and he's working the machines for the TV show and he has gause all around his hand


Art For Monkees Sake~

*Look carefully at Mike when he says, "Oh, nobody but a fool would paint in the basement!" If you read his lips closely, you will notice that he originally said "Oh, nobody but an idiot would paint in the basement!" The portion of this episode's audiotrack was redubbed with the less offending fool  (Thanks to Kim Boatman)


I Was A 99 Pound Weakling~

*Davy was trying to say Dirigible (dir-ja-bul) but settled on saying blimp (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*Micky's sweatshirt has a picture of Beethoven on it


Hillbilly Honeymoon (Double Barrell Shotgun Wedding)~


Monkees Marooned~

*The picture the man shows Peter is also what saved the fellas in The Picture Frame

*Theres a guy on a car with his hands out like an egyptian in the background when the man is talking to Peter

*Davy kneels when he is in the boat while it's sinking to make it look like the boat sunk down further

*When the guys are walking through the forest and they act as if mosquitos are biting them, and they act like they are squating them but they are wearing sleeves..i dont think mosquitos can really bite through clothes

*When Micky catches the insect spray you can see he has band aids all over his hand

*When Major Pshaw goes to count he knocks over something on the shelf and the trophy shakes.

*When one of them says Capt. P'shaw's name, the rest of the Monkees whisper, "pshaw, pshaw, pshaw" behind their hands. (Thanks to Susan Andriano)

*At the end Lenard tries to sell Peter Liverpool....hmmmm Beatles?


The Card-Carrying Red Shoes~

*How does Natasha run away from and tie up that guy (the president of Druvania or something like that) when she has a sprained ankle

*The inside of the music guy's wig falls out when he throws it

*Why in the world are the guys sooo giddy in the She Hangs Out video?


The Wild Monkees~



A Coffin Too Frequent~


Hitting The High Seas~

*The whole milk in the glasses thing is screwed up

*Mike was really sea sick thats why he is only in a little bit of the episode (thanks to everyone on the Psycho Jello Mailing List for this)

*Normally the rosters are in alphabetical order

*When Micky and Peter are in their room on the bunk beds they sing "Tear The Top Right Off My Head" (one of my favorites)

*I thought parrots bit people if they come too close

*They show Micky kneeling under the curtain but then when they zoom out he's standing.

*Micky definitely doesn't "do a good dog" since he says "meow" instead of barking


*At the end, the "who's ringing that bleeding bell" scene, a car is parked behind the Capt. It pulls away, then it's parked there again. (Thanks to Susan Andriano)


Monkees In Texas~

*Davy has his gun in the fire when he is turning the faucet, wouldn't the gun explode?

*Mike says his name is spelled N-E-C-K-Y-O-R-L-O-N

*Davy was a jockey, yet they make him act as iof he cannot ride a horse. just like how Peter was brilliant yet he has to act like a dummy

*I'm pretty sure that the guy Micky bumps into during the scene in the bar is Davy in disguise

*When Micky and Peter are riding the horses towards the house to get away from Black Bart and his men Peter's hair is pushed back. Then when the camera shoots a closer shot all of the sudden his hair is down how it normally is

*You can hear Auld Syne Lang in this episode (I remember hearing this somewhere but I don't know where)

*Both Micky and Peter know Black Bart's true identity, despite never having heard it


Monkees On The Wheel~

*The casino owner is Wizard Glick!!!

*___ falls off the drumset

**What* is hanging from the end of Peter's pencil? Anyone? Anyone?


The Monkees Christmas Show~

*The chalkboard says "Frodis" and "Beatles"

*If the kid is so smart and can figure out that hard math problem in his head how come he couldn't figure out that Mike and Peter were playing two different instruments or since hes so good at math couldn't he of counted one has 6 strings and one has 4 strings?

*When Mike is paying for the damages to the bike and everything Davy and the chick next to him seem to be pretty fond of eachother, until she starts to back away from him slowly

*When the guys and Melvin are trying to cut down a tree Peter and Davy pull pieces of the tree off and eat them

*Melvin sure takes his glasses off

*Peter starts to give his necklace to Melvin but then sees he already has Davy's love beads and then doesn't take his off

*When Melvin is looking into the dish, the picture of Micky he sees is from Everywhere  A Sheik Sheik

*The papers Davy and Mick are holding have nothing on them

*In one of the romps around the tree Peter jumps up and hits someone and then turns around to see if he's okay (got this one from the Psycho Jello mailing list THANKS!)

*Davy is wearing Mike's woolhat to be an elf

*How incredibly hilarious is it when they sing the "gay apparel" part of the song

*At the very very end of when they're pulling everyone onto the set Micky screams "FRODIS FOREVER!"

*Micky tries handing Melvin an empty soda bottle

*Not only does Micky hand Melvin an empty soda bottle, he hands him  an empty GE light box. (Thanks to Susuan Andriano)


Fairy Tale~

*I just love Princess Gwen's shoes and watch don't you?

*I guess Mike and Davy also work at Micky's Inn

*Peter calls out "Peter"

*Who is going to take care of the goldfish?

*Princess Gwen asks Peter to give her the locket back. Peter pulls the locket off the chain, and gives it to Gwen The chain is still around Peter's neck. A minute later, Princess Gwen is holding the chain with the locket attached.



Monkees Watch Their Feet~

*Was Micky really wearing nylons?


Monstrous Monkee Mash~



The Monkee's Paw~

*Micky tries to say part of the Gettysburg Address when he can't speak


The Devil And Peter Tork~

*I noticed that early in the eppy Mike tells Peter to take back the harp because he can't play it, but at the end he makes that whole speech how "If you love music you can play music" and thta Peter can really play the harp

*Peter plays "I Wanna Be Free" on the harp

*The glass breaks in the court then a minute later the glass and water are gone.


The Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)~

*When The Baron lures Mike and Peter by away from Crumpets car, they are seen leaving wearing pantsuits, come back wearing overcoats


Monkees In Paris (The Paris Show)~

*Man, do I get jelous watching this episode. Also, just for the record. The guys look soooooooooooooooooo beeeaaaauutttiiffuuullll (of course when don't they?)

Monkees Mind Their Manor~

*`while they are zoomed mostly up on jack williams/custom guy/property man...mike + micky are mouthing stuff, i can't tell exactly what though. tell me if you can!

*they play "three blind mice" when they are following the butler guy to their "stables"

*the scene in the bedroom where they are all sitting Peter is wearing one glove

*in the same scene Micky is wearing the other matching glove to Peter

*when the monkees are at the fair and Mr. Friar the innkeeper, is telling Davy the events of the grand championship Davy says "that's four" but holds up three fingers

*when Mr. Friar faints at the fair after finding out that Middlebottom was a jousting champion the butler (who has EXTREMELY bad eyesight) pretends to think the girl is Middlebottom, but yet he knows to step over where Mr. Friar has fallen.

*when Twiggly is poking Davy's "lass" + "shield" and then Lance commands him to stop or there will be no commission, Mike does the fingers on the head nanny-nanny-boo-boo thing.

*when they are jousting why didn't Davy just bust out his skills like in "The Prince and The Pauper" "Royal Flush" and "Hitting The High Seas"

*when Lance and Middlebottom are discussing whether or not Middlebottom can sing he says "i saw four boys the other night on television it was astounding, now you can sing"....could those boys be the greatest band in the whole world THE MONKEES??? i think so :)

*when Mick is introducing Middlebottom's singing performace Mike turns the other way and starts talking.. lemme know if you can tell what hes saying

*when Davy is singing the folk song that warmed our hearts oh so many years ago, there seems to be a little echo affect or something for being a live performance huh? ya i thought so...

* at the end when they are cheering because Lance Kibby will marry .Mike does the stick out the tounge face that he makes quite so often in "Fairy Tale"

*how awesome are the places that Lance Kibby keeps his liquor


Some Like It Lukewarm (The Band Contest)~

*You can hear Auld Lang Syne in this episode (I heard this somewhere but I don't know who I heard it from)

*Why does Davy bring those clothes to the restaurant?


The Monkees Blow Their Minds~

*The guys say they will rent out Peter's room, but he doesn't have his own room


Mijacogeo (The Frodis Caper)~

*Mi=Micky, Ja=Janelle, Co=Coco & Geo=George

*Blaaah and we all already know that Good Morning by The Beatles is playing

*Peter's alarm continues to ring until you hear someone shoot it

*In the credits there is no film editor listed (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*the feeble energizer button is the same sound heard when the doors on the bridge open in the TV series Star Trek (Thanks to Kim Boatman)