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Monkees Bloopers and Things To Look For
First Season

I just saw that man talking to a popsicle...


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Royal Flush~

*Davy never told Otto his name yet Otto calls him "Mr. Jones"

*Man the archduke can grow hair fast. throughout the whole eppy he's bald, but in the sword fight he has a full head of hair under his hat

*A few people are wearing sunglasses inside at the party

*Davy reads "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to Sig as Peter, Micky, and Mike sneak up behind him (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*Those two people feeding eachother really gets carried away...I even started to gag the first time I saw it


Monkee See, Monkee Die~

*The lawyer never shows up

*Davy sure snuck into the knight armor and into the room very quietly

*In the credits "Tomorrow's gonna be another day" was mistakenly written as "Tomorrow is another day" (Thanks to Kim Boatman)


Monkee Versus Machine

*In the credits "Saturday's Child" is listed as "Saturdays Child"


Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers~

*Davy puts the Johnny Burke/ Arthur Johnson song "Pennies From Heaven" on the jukebox to get people to leave (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*A bit of Ludwig Van Beethoven's "5th Symphony" can be heard when the Monkees begin to perform (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*The marquee says Peter a Dork

*The Monkees' phone is red early in the episode then black later

*What did the guys do with all those chairs and tables?

*Lets Dance On appeared but is not on the end credits


The Spy Who Came From The Cool~

*This is first episode you see Mike playing his 12 string Gretsch guitar. At the time there were only three of these guitars in existence (George Harrison and Chet Adkins had the other two). Sadly, it was stolen from Mike's workshop years ago (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*Billy Curtis (the midget who asked for red maracas) was one of the Munchkins in the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz". He was the Father of Munchkin Land. He was one of the reasons why Judy Garland said that the Munchkins were "little drunks". Supposedly, he made several passes at her to which she responded "mother wouldn't approve"(Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*When the CIS is watching the tapes, how did they film Micky from inside the house when they were at the door

* The end-credits song listing notwithstanding, this episode featured Saturdays Child instead of Clarksville

*When the CIS chief says he can save 3 of the 4, all but Peter immediately rush for chairs. Mike consoles Peter by saying, "Well, I guess we're just gonna have to form a trio; we're gonna miss you, ol' buddy." Hmmm Peter was the first to leave the group, and they did form a trio

The Success Story~

*Maybe it's just me but I don't think Peter's lips are moving the first times he says Don't Fly!

*When Micky is pretending to work at the airport and hes writing on the chalkboard he writes "Mick" and on the chalkboard for flights it says "Clarksville"

*I Wanna Be Free was mistakenly written as "I Want To Be Free" in the credits

*The writing and directing credits appear at the very beginning

*At the end of the the one-minute short interview, Micky turns to the camera and says, "Tune in next week, ladies and gentlemen, when we're another minute short--!". Ironically, in the next episode, "The Monkees In Ghost Town, they were! (Got this from somewhere not sure where, lemme know if you know!)


Monkees In Ghost Town~

*In Monkees In Ghost Town I noticed that the two guys are named George and Lenny and their characterization is similar to that of George and Lenny in Of Mice and Men. Also in the book Lenny has a dead mouse in his pocket. Lenny in the episode does too

*During the romp in the jail cell you can see the guys have a real baseball and baseball bat, where did they get that from if they had to use Lenny's shovel and bouncy ball?

*Why doesn't Peter play the piano?

*How did Lenny and George get to the town since there is no other cars there


Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth~

*Noticed that Davy sometimes doesn't make sense? Example: In "Don't Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth", Mr. Babbitt accuses the Monkees of having a dog in the house. In reality, they have a horse. When Davy says "A dog? This is a *horse*!" Mike replies "No, no, he thought he *heard* a dog in here!" Davy says "Now, how can a dog sound like a horse?" think about it, it doesn't make sense! (I got this from Thanks!)

*Mike says "hey i think he likes it" before the horse takes a sip of the root beer soup

*Doesn't Dr. Mann need the pad address?

*When Mike falls after blowing the horn on the beach his hat falls off

*Where in the world did they get that car?

*Theres a white dog in the background during the horse race

*Mike winks at the end in Papa Gene's Blues....ohhh i love him

*the one sign at the vet says Dumphy the Wonder dog


The Chaperone~

*Davy and Peter do a parody of "My Fair Lady" when teaching Mrs. Weefers manners

*Why weren't that old lady looking through the telescope or Mr. Clean the chaperones?

*"Ms. Acardian" asks at the end if she has to give the general the ring back, but he never gave her one


Here Come The Monkees~

*during their audition Davy stops singing to stare at Vanessa Russell, yet they continue to play his voice singing

*when Davy + everyone are running on the grass with Vanessa she has dirt or something all over her pants, then right after that scene when they are running to Kiddie Land its all gone.

*when Mike puts Davy on the uhh game thing you hit with the hammer... Davy has his hat on... when he hits the top its gone.

*I'm not digging the whole Davy and Vanessa matching black+white t-shirts on their date

*Mike throws a dart at a Beatles poster and hits Ringo :(


*The original pad is much different then the one used in most of their episodes.

*when they are all in their jail uniforms, Davy is the only one with a white patch with his prisoner number on it.

*the interviewer never seems to get an interview...poor guy

*Micky is credited as Micky Braddock


Monkees A La Carte~

*You can see the strings holding up the tray and plates

*Peter only shoots one shot but there is two holes in the dough

*In every episode they use the dynamite it never seems to work does it?

*The mobster guy says "A1 cider" and sticks up his middle finger

*Davy takes a bite of a breadstick then puts it back in the glass

*Later in the eppy when the guys are dressed as the purple flower gang Micky picks up the breadstick Davy bit earlier and takes a bite

*The fink guy never gets his gingerale

*When Mike and Davy are hiding under the table from the gunfire you can see Mike's mustache falling off


I've Got A Little Song Here~

* theres a sign that says "Denver Chamber Of Commerce" in the bedroom

*Mike is such a nice fella to give that old man money


One Man Shy (Peter and the Debutante)~

*When Ms. Cartwright and Ronnie come to the pad to find out what music the guys will be playing...they never do find out what music they will be playing

*Davy is seen doing a parody of the famous painting Whistler's Mother by James Abbott McNeill Whistler (painted in 1872) when he imitates Ronnie's mother (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*When Ronnie and Miss Cartwright are having lunch at Jacques he says "you look beautiful tonight" but its only afternoon

*Peter's teeth look a little weird during "I'm A Believer"

*When they are playing spin the bottle, after the bottle flies to the door to Davy when Peter says "It always happens this way" hes really close to the girl. Then they zoom out and hes like a foot away from her

*Mike announces the song "You Just May Be The One" as "You May Just Be The One"


Dance Monkee, Dance!~

*can you have a lifetime contract with an option for renewal


Too Many Girls (Fern and Davy)~

*the opening scene when they (minus Davy since he's busy falling in love) are singing "Not Your Stepping Stone" the whole scene is extremely bright!

*when Peter and Micky are kicking the second girl out (brunette) and Peter hands Mike his bass (just for the record the most beautiful bass i've ever seen in my whole life and is 2948384948 times more beautiful then my bass and i will one day own) his strap is still around his shoulder, then when it shows him bringing the girl to the door its gone

*when they are getting their tea leaves read Peter's watch is backwards

*no one says god bless you to Peter after he sneezes

*Mike doesn't even take a breathe before he starts to blow up the tire.

*weird how Mrs. Batterly only had two plans for the tea leaf readings of the monkees (not including the davy falling in love bit) Maybe she can see the future, only explanation for her knowing how Micky wouldn't want his tea leaves read.

*when there is the first knock at the door and Peter is holding the seperated globe saying "this half the world" etc. and he runs to answer the door, part of the globe is stuck to his hand and he has to shake it to get if off.

*Fern never gets her girl-scout cookies back

*Peter holds up a shirt and hat when asking where Davy is, but Davy was never wearing a hat or that shirt.

*Fern's uh yea is blurred out

*okay Fern never told Davy about the amature hour yet he says she did right after they met when Mrs. Batterly is reading her tealeaves

*the chain Davy is attached to is like 8 inches long yet he manages to pull it all the way up to his chin

*Billy Roy Hodstetter and that wink....need i say more?

*Mr. Hack's Ameteur Hour talent contest is a spoof on TV's most famous talent contest "Ted Mack's Original Ameteur Hour" (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*Davy is watching the TV series "Iron Horse" on the TV just before he leaves to judge the pageant. "Iron Horse" aired opposite "The Monkees" on ABC during "The Monkees" first season (Thanks to Kim Boatman)


Son Of A Gypsy~

*Isn't that polite of Davy to wait for Marco?

*Micky doesn't fall down like Marco predicts

*When the guys are drawing on the map of the house one of them writes "THE MONKEES"

*When Davy slips on gloves while trying to crack the safe, the clamps for the detonation device are not attached to the safe; when Davy is forced to hide, they are attached; but when Madame Rantha enters the room, they are unattached again.

*Marco fit into Peter's blue shirt and gray pants amazingly well, considering their difference in heights, weights, etc.


The Case of The Missing Monkee~

* the pad's address changed from 1334 N. Beachwood to 1438 N. Beachwood


I Was A Teenage Monster~

*When the guys are in their room the man on the TV says "now daughter watch me while i prepare for an astounding operation" then he repeats it again in a minute or so

*When Micky gets pulled under the curtain you can see the person's white shoe

*The metal things that go on the guys head are barely on. you can see them flopping around

*When the monster is singing when they are transferring the voices, you can hear the instruments playing but no one is playing them

*The whole remember nothing sure worked well

*When Mike counts to start playing he says 3..9..7

*When Dr. Mendoza presents the android the music is (I'm pretty sure) is the same as in Too Many Girls on The Amatuer Hour

*Funny how the android plays one chord for the whole song.

*During the "Your Auntie Grizelda" romp, there is a spoof on the Bugs Bunny/ Grossamer Monster cartoons when the guys have the monster strapped in place and are grooming his hair and nails so he doesn't notice he is strapped down (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*Jim Frawley is the voice of the mirror (Thanks to Kim Boatman)


Find The Monkees (The Audition)~

*The board they look at to see where they can find Mr. Benson says James Frawley on it

*Micky and Mike don't look at Mr. Schneider's cards

*When Peter is counting to cure his hiccups he says 35. then 37

*The Jolly Green Giants get an autograph from Annette Funicello. shes in HEAD


Monkees In The Ring~

*How did the announcer know the guys names?

*How does Davy call his mother after he wins a fight since she died when he was 14? (I think someone said this on the Psycho Jello mailing list)


The Prince and The Paupers~

*Ludlow says that he came to "your country" to find a wife, but this isn't Davy's country

*During the sword fight Mike is drinking champagne

*There is no glass in the window


Monkees At The Circus~

*Susan calls Davy by his namebut she no one ever told her his name

*Peter contiues to wear the mustache even ater they change from being the Mozerella Brothers

*In the credits Jeff Berry is listed as the writer of Sometime in the morning, but Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote the song

*How funny is it when the Mike and Peter walk through eachother

*In his guise as The Great Zambini, David Jones can be seen wearing Monkeeman cape and trunks.

*When the guys play Somtime In The Morning Mike's hat is blue unlike in the episode when it's green


Captain Crocodile~

*"Captain Crocodile" is a parody of the long running children's TV series "Captain Kangaroo"

*When the lady says "May I see the wire?" Peter drops a wire on the desk. Then a minute later the wire is gone.

*"Either you let us play, or we quit!"...Sounds familiar....cough *Kirshner* cough

*There is a bra hanging on the trough


Monkees A La Mode~

*First, I just wanna say li-l met-al bot-ul tops

*Hmmm once again you can tell Kellogs is their sponsor-they are eating Kellogs and "The Cereal Of The Month" is Cornflakes according to Peter

*When Davy and Micky are patriot Paul Revere (Micky) and British soldier (Davy), why is Davy wearing a blue coat when he is supposed to be a British red coat soldier? (I got this from Thanks!)

*Micky wears Mike's hat the one time he does the whole "ahh tiger eating my face" scene

*When they are at the award banquet ceremoney whatever it is the huge pictures behind the guys are in the order of Mike Micky Peter Davy but they're sitting in the order of Mike Micky Davy Peter

*When Robroy Fingerhead is trying to get by Peter he hits the seat cushion partly down

*When Davy puts his wig back on he has it the wrong way and all screwed up

*When they step down from the platform and they are holding the flowers, during all the yelling I can hear Micky say something like "you want some flowers forty seven dollars for some flowers."


Alias Micky Dolenz~

*In the very first scene Micky's fly is partly down

*In one scene Micky bumps into Vince and says "Hi Tony"

*Micky says gosharooni and Mike mouths goosharooni? and Micky shrugs

*I don't think the police would really just give away all that jewelry


Monkees Chow Mein~

*Micky gets upset in the first scene because his rice continually falls off his chopsticks

*When the ice torture is occuring and Peter and Micky are singing Last Train To Clarksville they say stuff like Beachwood, the knife is getting sharper, the ice is getting lower

*In the romp Peter puts his hands over Davy's eyes and Davy puts his glasses over Peter's hands

*You can see people trying to get out of the way when Peter opens one of the doors

*Why did Inspector Blount scream "good work men" when he saw them take the stuff out of their ears?

*"It's a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before" (in Peter's letter) is from "A Tale Of Two Cities"

*"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" (Mr. Schneider) is from the poem "In Memoriam"


Monkee Mother~

*Mike says he comes from a big family.....yes consisting of his mother and himself


The Monkees On The Line~

*Mike gets sprayed with water but a second later his face is dry


The Monkees Get Out More Dirt~

*Peter plays The Monkees Theme on the bicycle piano

*Mikes song The Girl I Knew Somewhere was mistakenly written into the credits A Girl I Knew Somewhere

*Mike is wearing black boots. The shoe that he holds upside-down is a black high-top sneaker. (

*I think the shirt Peter is wearing (with the "A") is the same as the one worn in Head


Monkees In Manhattan (Monkees Manhattan Style)~

*There aren't any lenses in the hotel managers glasses

*When Peter is pretending to be sick Davy says "But it's nine A.M!" A few moments later Mick says "It's ten o'clock"

*Micky puts his glasses on upside-down.

*Before the Monkees go to the millionaire club place their door says 305 But they were in 304


Monkees At The Movies~

*When Love Comes Knockin (At Your Door) is listed at the end of episode. But, the song was never used in the series (Thanks to Kim Boatman)


Monkees On Tour~

*The pad looks different

*There was real beards under the fake ones

*The name of the record on the turntable when they enter the KRUX studio was Mr. Farmer by the Seeds (Thanks to Kim Boatman)

*I swear I'm one of those girls that they are eating with

*Yes I'm also the girl they are interviewing on the radio

*No really I am....

*The 8-track in the Monkeemobile is The Monkees album. The 8-track is upside down